Members of the lab include:

Dr. Philip I. Pavlik Jr.

Assistant Professor and Director of the Optimal Learning Lab. Dr. Pavlik completed his dissertation research with John Anderson in Carnegie Mellon University's Psychology Department and has worked with Ken Koedinger in Carnegie Mellon's Human Computer Interaction Institute. He is in his 6th year at the University of Memphis as part of the interdisciplinary Institute for Intelligent Systems and Department of Psychology. Please see the following links for more information.

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Pavlik CV

Jaclyn Maass

Jaclyn Maass is a doctoral student in the Psychology Department at the University of Memphis. She received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Tampa and a Master of Science in general psychology from the University of Memphis. Jaclyn currently works as a research assistant under Dr. Philip I. Pavlik, Jr. in the Institute for Intelligent Systems. Her research interests include specific elements of retrieval practice to promote effortful retrieval and allow for optimal learning and transfer, and the feasibility of such elements in classroom implementation.


Kenneth Barideaux

Kenneth Barideaux Jr. is a doctoral student in the Experimental Psychology program at the University of Memphis and currently serves as a research assistant in the Optimal Learning Lab.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Louisiana State University and Master of Science in General Psychology from the University of Memphis.  His research interests involve understanding how elaborative processing strategies (e.g., concept mapping) impact memory processes and knowledge acquisition. He is also interested in how various study strategies (e.g., retrieval practice) impact student learning.


Completed Students

Henry Hua - PhD - 2015 - Effects of Spaced Practice on Learning Musical Intervals
Clayton Estey - Masters - 2015 - Schema Induction Through Evaluation and Correction
Shardae Dawkins -  Masters - 2015 - Evaluation of an Intervention to Improve College Student Academic Performance, Retention, and Graduation Rates
​​Adam Boyd - Masters - 2014 - Can Portable EEG Headsets Be Used to Determine if Students Are Learning?